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ALIPAC wannabe Caught Violating Federal Election Law - Forked Over $10,000 in Fines!

ADR 388
RESPONDENT: Americans Against Illegal Immigration PAC and John W. Leuthold in his official capacity as treasurer

SOURCE: FEC Initiated (Reports Analysis Division)

SUBJECT: Failure to disclose all financial activity

NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT: The FEC's routine review of the American Illegal Immigration PAC's disclosure reports revealed that the committee failed to disclose all financial activity on its original 2005 Year End Report. The committee filed an amended Year End Report, disclosing additional receipts totaling $83,571.85, additional disbursements totaling $75,764.62 and additional debt totaling $98,715.26.

The Committee claimed that the omissions occurred because of difficulties with reporting software and explained that the problem was corrected.

In a negotiated settlement with the FEC, respondents agreed to pay a $10,000 civil penalty and take measures to prevent future similar errors.