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ALIPAC wannabe Caught Violating Federal Election Law - Forked Over $10,000 in Fines!

ADR 388
RESPONDENT: Americans Against Illegal Immigration PAC and John W. Leuthold in his official capacity as treasurer

SOURCE: FEC Initiated (Reports Analysis Division)

SUBJECT: Failure to disclose all financial activity

NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT: The FEC's routine review of the American Illegal Immigration PAC's disclosure reports revealed that the committee failed to disclose all financial activity on its original 2005 Year End Report. The committee filed an amended Year End Report, disclosing additional receipts totaling $83,571.85, additional disbursements totaling $75,764.62 and additional debt totaling $98,715.26.

The Committee claimed that the omissions occurred because of difficulties with reporting software and explained that the problem was corrected.

In a negotiated settlement with the FEC, respondents agreed to pay a $10,000 civil penalty and take measures to prevent future similar errors.
and here we ...go!


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Some Inspiration

If you want to make changes in the world, you're going to have to be there day after day doing the boring, straightforward work of getting people interested in an issue, building a slightly bigger organization, carrying out the next move, experiencing frustration, and finally getting somewhere, that's how the world changes

- Noam Chomsky

I stayed up last night reading Imperial Ambitions by Noam Chomsky and I came across that line, and even though he was talking about the anti-war movement , I think this appeals to the immigration movement, the Dream Act movement or any kind of movement that wants to succeed.

Anti-Immigration group caught not paying taxes

Most new immigrants and even undocumented immigrants pay taxes and it's a myth (not to be confused with loves to spread. Despite their name, they are opposed to all types of immigration from non-European countries and often call it the third world invasion of the U.S.

I somehow doubt William Gheen will admit to his supporters that their hard earned money is now in the hands of undocumented immigrants.

You gotta love this country.

Everyone has to pay their fair share of taxes, it doesn't matter if they're a poor undocumented immigrant looking to feed their family back home who isn't aware of the tax laws or William Gheen intentionally trying to screw the system.

I think it's a testament to just how the majority of undocumented immigrants are dedicated to being productive members of society. The majority of immigrants (yes, even undocumented immigrants)opt to pay their share of taxes (often overpay because they are unaware they qualify…


The current status of undocumented immigrants is devastating. Some people see them as criminals, while others think they are stealing jobs in America and hurting the country.


It's really ironic when people call undocumented immigrants invaders, what happened to the war in Iraq? why is most of the world calling Americans the invaders?
I ask myself that question a lot.

But thanks to Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck and other xenophobes in the media, they have manage to demonize undocumented immigrants by calling them criminals, invaders, among other words promoting hate speech and racism against the Hispanic community and foreigners.

But there is hope and people are starting to organize and fight back with the truth